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With the ZenPayroll API, your users will never have to manually enter data ever again. Synchronize employee and payroll data to deliver exceptional experiences to your users.

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Powerful, Modern Payroll API


Add Payroll to
Your App

The ZenPayroll API allows you to integrate our comprehensive payroll offering into your product, providing more value to your customers.


Cutting Edge,
Just Like You

You designed your product to be beautiful, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere. Work with a payroll partner that thinks like you.


Impress Your Clients
with Automation

Have your systems talk to our systems. Eliminate manual data entry and say goodbye to errors and clunky CSV imports.


Reimagine the
Future of Work

Together we can create brand new ways of managing and incentivizing workers, provide complete transparency to the company finances, and much more.

Imagine the Possibilities

Time & Attendance

Your customers will never need to enter timesheets into payroll again. Automatically synchronize employee hours, overtime, and paid time off, behind the scenes without manual data entry or unwieldy export files.

Human Resources

Become the system of record for managing employee information, compensation, and time-off requests. Two-way payroll integration allows you to unlock performance tracking, employee incentives, and benefits. Currently in development.


Offer a fully-integrated accounting and payroll solution to your clients. Expose real-time compensation and tax data to create a holistic, detailed view of your clients’ financial position.

Business Management

Payroll is the missing piece to comprehensive business management software. Your existing employee, time-tracking, and operational data can now be used to update payroll effortlessly. Currently in development.

Expense Management

Process employee reimbursements through payroll. Close the loop and let users view real-time payment status.

Point of Sale

Empower your clients with innovative compensation structures to reward employees for increasing sales. Add a bit of icing on the cake by automatically synchronizing employee shift times with payroll. Currently in development.

We challenge you to dream of new and exciting payroll integrations to make your customers happier.
No idea is too outlandish for our business team.

Integrate with ZenPayroll
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What Our Partners Have To Say


ZenPayroll's API has been a breath of fresh air for us to work with. Payroll processors are notoriously difficult to work with from an integration standpoint. The team at ZenPayroll have raised the bar with an API that's easy to understand and most importantly, reliable.


When companies can reimburse their employees effortlessly through payroll, they close the loop in expense management, and everyone wins.

- David Barrett, Founder


ZenPayroll is an ideal partner because they’re moving payroll forward in the same way that we’re re-inventing the employee benefits experience.

- Veer Gidwaney, CEO & Co-Founder


Namely's goal is to provide high growth companies with a best-of-breed HR technology suite. By partnering with ZenPayroll we further enable companies to eliminate cumbersome systems while providing unprecedented control over their data.


Complementing our HR software with ZenPayroll answers such a common customer request, and we're thrilled that ZenPayroll's promise to delight aligns with the BambooHR experience.

- Ben Peterson, CEO & Co-Founder


ZenPayroll opens up a new world of opportunities to manage and reward employees on top of retail platforms like Vend via 3rd party integrations.

- Vaughan Rowsell, Founder & CEO


We’ve done over 20 different payroll integrations globally, and none match the power of our ZenPayroll integration - the way they’ve hidden complexity behind a simple interface makes it easy for developers and seamless for customers. Both Deputy and ZenPayroll free businesses from the mundane yet crucial tasks of workforce management so they can do what they do best!


As providers of cutting edge client management tools for the personal services economy, we see ZenPayroll as a kindred spirit in helping small businesses run more efficiently.

- Jon Zimmerman, CEO and Co-Founder


ZenPayroll's simplicity allows our team to spend more time solving our customers' unique HR needs, which is what we do best.

- Kristen Koh Goldstein, CEO


Accounting and payroll naturally go together, and now they're finally meeting in the cloud. These modern solutions will dramatically improve the back office and transform the accounting profession.

Being accountants, our clients depend on us for payroll recommendations. We've tested every payroll option and found ZenPayroll to be the best and the one we recommend most.

- Ian Crosby, CEO


We help startup founders build amazing companies by allowing them to focus on growth and innovation, rather than running their back office. ZenPayroll is a valuable partner who helps make that a reality.

- Mike Jacobson, CEO & Founder


Our integration with ZenPayroll provides a more seamless way for our customers to process payroll. They are redefining their back office in order to offer customers the best possible experience. We're excited to offer this feature to NimbleSchedule customers as a more convenient and timely way to process payroll.


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You can start delighting your clients within minutes.

Integrate with ZenPayroll
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